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skan1_5.jpgThe oceans contain infinite resources that have yet to be discovered and explored.  We are a research and development organization concerned with undersea exploration.
The earth is only one of nine planets in the solar system that is known to have an appreciable amount of water on its surface.  Yet we know more about the surface on the moon than we know about the vast depths of the oceans.  Terrestrial life is meager compared to the vast richness of life in the oceans.  Although life itself probably originated in the ocean and new forms are continually being discovered, especially at great depths along the mid-ocean ridges, many life forms in the ocean remain unknown.  With their abundance of plant and animal life, the oceans offer much potential.
Our current project is a multi-disciplinary program that sparks the imagination of students and dramatically enhances the classroom experience.  Exploring the earth’s oceans, rivers, and lakes.  From modern man made reefs such as the Shedd aquarium’s new Philippine exhibit to 9000 year old cities hidden in the depths of ocean and coral reefs of the South Pacific ocean to the chilling waters of the Irish Sea.  Our current project explores Planet Earth and exposes students to leading scientists who work with them to examine its archaeological, biological and geological development.


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